Friday, January 20, 2017


In July 1977, fire broke out at an abandoned factory in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn and destroyed four city blocks.

According to The New York Times:

``On July 13, 1977, a power failure plunged New York City into darkness and, within minutes, mobs of looters raced through dilapidated blocks of wood-frame apartments toward Broadway, the neighborhood's main shopping street.
``By morning, the street, shrouded in the shadows of an elevated train line, was a shambles of broken glass, wooden police barricades, looted stores, flames and smoke - the most heavily damaged street in the city during a steamy night of looting, with 124 stores ruined.

``That was the first blow to the Bushwick section. A few days later, as a less spectacular trail of arson, drugs and crime wove its way through half-abandoned side streets, a 10-alarm fire, one of the largest structural fires in the city's history, erupted near another anchor of the neighborhood, Myrtle Avenue, and destroyed 24 buildings in a four-block area.''

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